Pope John Paul II


Pope John Paul II has been very special to me.  After his death, I had prayed to him to assist me with some situations in my life which had been highly stressful.  He has always come through for me, in ways which, to me, were often miraculous.  I have been ever thankful to him for his intercession, and decided to create a painting of him.

My research for the painting started with many photos which were in the public domain.  I found a photo of the Vatican with the Tiber River in the foreground, and another photo of the pope in his later years, clutching the crooked crucifix which he always carried.  I took the dove image from an interior window of St Peter’s Basilica and superimposed it in the exterior cupola of the dome.  I painted the pope somewhat transparent, especially from the shoulders down.  This was painted on a 28×22 linen canvas.

When people come into the gallery and comment on it, I can tell the story of how it is my way of saying “Thank You” for prayers answered.  I am hopeful that this painting will move others to be touched by his gentle spirit, and perhaps give hope in a world which seems so much in need of that.

I have various sizes of giclées of the painting so that it can be more easily acquired by anyone who may wish to have it.


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